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About us

The path to wellness.

Synergia OC offers professionally driven patient compliance programs that are so simple, so thorough, that becoming healthier is the only possible outcome for chronically ill patients. A unique blend of communication, education, behavioral modification and technology is at the core of the model. These tools enable healthcare professionals to reach unparalleled levels of patient engagement and compliance. Because these programs are focused on the patient, their chronic disease and unique path to wellness, there is a very real opportunity to realize both clinical and economic outcomes which are better for the healthcare professional, the payor, the patient and the U.S. economy.

Better Outcomes for Patients
Rick Thomas

Our Story

Ensuring success.

As an industry veteran, CEO Rick Thomas spent his career in healthcare, striving to understand chronic disease and create the programs and tools to combat it. With a background that includes giants like Johnson & Johnson and Becton-Dickinson and the experience that led to helping foreign healthcare leaders improve healthcare systems in Japan and Europe, Rick is leading Synergia to help change the fabric of healthcare delivery in the United States. The goal of Synergia is to help millions become healthier, save billions of dollars and to lead the way in solving chronic disease around the world.


Synergia has partnered with other innovative companies striving to improve patient wellness.

As a team, we commit to our goal of increasing patient compliance, resulting in better health outcomes.

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Milligram is a website and app that striving to cure medication price blindness by creating transparency of pricing, so patients and organizations can save money on prescription medicine, resulting in healthier patients at less cost. Visit to try it for free today.
Orb unifies the key components of wellbeing and chronic disease management into a secure HIPAA-compliant cloud-based mobile health platform that streamlines access to healthcare providers, care plans, personal health data made easy-to-understand including lab results, medical devices and health apps, and much more.
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